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About us

C.W.B Sweets isn't just a bakery, it's a sugar-dusted chapter in our family cookbook. Back in high school, inspired by epic Food Network battles and a craving for the vibrant flavors of my mom's Haitian heritage,  we whipped up a dream: baking unique cakes that would make taste buds do the cha-cha.

We started small, like most good things do. With just two sisters in high school who had the entrepreneurial drive to start something new. We reached a mighty success in high school which drew a lot of attention of the school. From making cupcakes for classmates to making cupcakes for school board meetings!! After high school- college, however, called – with different dreams and textbooks filling our backpacks. Baking took a backseat, the oven cooling alongside our ambitions. Then, life threw a curveball: the uncertainty of COVID swirled around us. It was amidst this whirlwind that Mom, ever the optimist, saw an opportunity.

Today, our kitchen is a symphony of laughter, flour-dusted hugs, and late-night brainstorming sessions over piping bags. Mom, ever the calm center, keeps us grounded with her meticulous techniques and bottomless well of family stories. I, her enthusiastic (and sometimes messy) sous chef, keep things lively with a dash of spontaneity and a healthy dose of puns (groan-worthy, but appreciated).

This delicious dance is what makes C.W.B Sweets different. Each cake is a canvas for our unique blend of tradition and playful twists. We pour our Haitian roots into every decadent bite, from buttercream frostings to rhum cakes that transport you to a sun-soaked Caribbean beach poured with the creamy warmth of Haitian Cremas. 

C.W.B Sweets isn't just a bakery, it's a testament to the resilience of family and the magic that happens when love gets mixed with sugar. Every cake we create is a canvas for our story – a blend of tradition and playful twists, with each bite carrying a whisper of laughter and a dash of nostalgia. So, when you indulge in a C.W.B Sweets, you're not just tasting a dessert, you're tasting a family's second act, sweetened with a lifetime of love and a sprinkle of chaos.**


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